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BT8 8-arm pole winding machine




Coil winding machine with rotating loading and unloading system.


The machine is equipped for winding armature coils for small bi-polar induction motors.


The first coil is wound and then, after arranging the wire along its course, the second coil is wound on its relative reel.


While the machine is winding, the operator can unload the eight pieces already wound and prepare to load the next eight.




Maximum winding speed is 5000 turns/1


The data for:

-          winding

-          number of loops per coil

-          winding speed

-          wire diameter

-          axial dimensions of reel

can be programmed from the keyboard, and up to 99 different programs can be memorised.


This machine can generally be used for winding any type of small coil on an insulated reel.