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The collector lathe TCIA-700 has automatic loading and unloading and is therefore suitable for insertion in a production line.


The armatures are taken from the conveyor by the loading/unloading system which has a double loading/unloading gripper, then deposited on a pair of V supports directly below the armature bearings.


. Rotation is transmitted to the armature, acting on the blade pack, by a flat belt supported by the motor arm with the possibility of programming and adjusting the speed from the control panel.




The tools, mounted on a slide, receive the transversal and longitudinal movement from two screws controlled by two high-precision recirculating ball screws splined by two Brushless motors.


Different approach and working speeds can be programmed from the control panel.


Up to 99 piece programs can be memorised





Stack diameter

18..90 mm

Stack lenght

15..100 mm

Commutator diameter

8..50 mm

Commutator lenght

6..30 mm

Shaft length

300 mm



Feeding speed of the tool

0..15 m/1

Cutting speed of the tool

0..2000 mm/1

Cutting depth max

0,5 mm in diameter

Production rate (1 cut on commutator of 10 mm length 10 mm)

600 pz/h