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In the machine we can distinguish:

-         the loading/unloading zone


-         the impregnating zone


-         the oven where we find: the pre-heating zone, the gelling zone, and the baking zone.


This oven is an impregnating machine that uses infrared radiated heating for greater efficiency.


Each zone of the oven is provided with a system for adjusting the power input independently, and can be programmed for each piece program.



The spindles are closed and re-opened automatically in the loading/unloading zone so the operator can load and unload the machine without any difficulty.


The pieces pass from the loading/unloading zone to pre-heating, then to the impregnation zone. They pass through the gelling zone, then the baking zone, and on to loading/unloading.


The pieces are rotated during the pre-heating, impregnation, gelling and baking phases.


The spindles can be provided with a fixed-diameter or adjustable gripper (in the latter case, from 4mm to 8mm).

The index system transfers the pieces to the drippers in the impregnation zone.


From the control panel, it is possible to control the dose of resin and the dosing speed.




Up to 99 piece programs can be memorised.

The oven can be fed automatically with armatures coming from:

- the production line or pallets

- multiple pallets in the stores