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For more than twenty years All Control has been working in the industrial automation sector, planning and constructing special machines for low-power electric motors.

This long-standing experience has gradually been enriched by new products.

At present, the company offers a range of machines that answer all needs in the sector, including:

-         winding machines

-         insulating machines

-         lapping machines

-         welding machines

-         splining machines

-         impregnation ovens

-         lathes

-         balancing machines

-         test systems

-         automatic machines for application of heat-shrinking materials

The above machines can be supplied in both manual and automatic versions, and customised according to the user's needs.

Our machines have always taken advantage of the most modern technology, and the use of electronics and computers is now part of standard production. They are able to offer top performance in terms of quality and productivity, as well as flexibility in operations.

Apart from the construction of new machines, All Control comes to the aid of its customers by reconditioning old machines and bringing them up to date with the same technologies.

The safety of our products is a priority and all our machines are, in fact, provided with CE certification.