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Armature Winder BMT9




The BTM9 is a new-concept armature winding machine, with a manual loading and unloading system.


It has a single winding arm and is also able to wind armatures with alternate or slating slots.


Automatically winds up the wire inside the slots of bipolar rotors and at the same time connects it to a collector.


The easy programming of BMT9 permits maximum flexibility in production.




Technical data

Shaft length:

41-300 mm

1,6-11,8 in

Armature diameter:

20-80 mm

0,8-3,2 in

Armature stack height

16-80 mm

0,6-3,2 in

Armature diameter:

4-16 mm

0,16-0,6 in

Commutator diameter

15-42 mm

0,6-1,6 in

Max. wire diameter:

1,2 mm

17,5 AWG

Power supply:

220,380 or 440 V 50/60Hz

Air supply:     

6 bar 85 psi