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Armature Winder BMT7B




The BTM7B is a new modular-design armature winding machine, with automatic loading and unloading


Automatically winds up the wire inside the slots of bipolar rotors and at the same time connects it to a collector.


The wholecycle is computerized and comes complete with programming terminal.



Technical data

Shaft length:

41-300 mm

1,6-11,8 in

Armature diameter:

20-80 mm

0,8-3,2 in

Armature stack height

16-80 mm

0,6-3,2 in

Armature diameter:

4-16 mm

0,16-0,6 in

Commutator diameter

15-42 mm

0,6-1,6 in

Max. wire diameter:

1,2 mm

17,5 AWG

Power supply:

220,380 or 440 V 50/60Hz

Air supply:     

6 bar 85 psi