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This is a totally automatic and dynamic balancing machine suitable for balancing all types of armatures when the unbalance can be corrected by milling the blade pack. Tooling of the machine is easy and it is used mainly in the electric motor sector for domestic appliances, electric tools and motor vehicles.

The machine can use V or polar cutters.

The pieces are handled by a 6-arm cross.

The machine must necessarily be provided with special equipment for each type of piece.





Max. armature weight

3 Kg.

Armature diameter

15-90 mm

Pack height

10 - 120 mm.

Precision measurement

0.01 gmm /Kg. max.

Cycle duration on 2 planes

6 sec

Cycle duration on 1 plane

6 sec

Balancing method

Vectorial or polar milling

Power supply

trifase 400 V

Air pressure supplied

6 bar

Machine dimensions







Balancing device for hollow rotors

Inclined (-16/ +16)

Suction device for milling swarf

Modem and teleservice

Waste conveyors

Centring lifter

2-axis interface P & P