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The TSA700 armature tester is extremely immune to disturbances, guaranteeing high precision and repeatability of measurements.

The tester measures:
- dielectric strength
- coil resistance
- welding resistance
- surge

The whole measuring system has been developed according to the most modern technology by our company which allows us to satisfy every customerís individual needs.




The extremely intuitive interface guarantees very fast self-learning; our technicians and developers are at customersí disposal to customise it when required.

The measuring plug, developed by us on the basis of the customerís requirements, can easily be replaced to guarantee use of the machine for a vast range of products.




The tester has been designed to load and unload every type of line.

The machine is able to distribute rejects onto the various unloading conveyors thus simplifying their division and all the conveyors can be emptied without interrupting the machine cycle.

The tester is available with automatic or manual loading and unloading. The average cycle time, including loading and unloading, for a 22 blade collector is less than 10 seconds and measuring time is less than 4 seconds.